Welcome student.



You've asked chiefly for two things:

  • Lower total cost
  • Available quickly as possible

This website represents our latest and greatest efforts to that end.

Here's what it brings you:

  • Real-time information on our in-store inventory.
  • In-store rental of virtually all used books in our in-store inventory, available for immediate pickup.
  • If you prefer to buy online or rent online, we have made arrangements with a 3rd party who has "nearly infinite" inventory. They can be delivered in 2-4 days. Have them delivered to your resident or pick up at the store. Return them via mail or to the store.
  • Browse books for your class
  • Use our shopping list feature to gather your books needs before you enter our store. The cashier can pull up your shopping list with your email address.
  • View professors' comments on your books or post your own comments.
  • Read here for more details on the rental program.

Let us know what you need!  Use these new tools to your advantage! 

Best wishes for your semester.  Sincerely,

Richard, Terry, Bryce
Textbook Alternative Management